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Path to Glory 86: Online Brawls & Skittershank’s Clawpack ft. Mark Breault

August 10th, 2022

In this episode, Aman continues his pseudo 'warband wisdom' series by sitting down with Mark, author behind the Determined Effort blog, as we discuss his recent success with Skittershank's Clawpack at the most recent online community event. Mark breaks down his deck, his games, and shares his core strategies surrounding the warband. We also discuss how to tackle certain matchups in the current meta. If you've been trying to make the skaven assassins work, and have been struggling, this is the episode for you. We end the episode off with our classic, "rapid fire round." 

Path to Glory 85: Warcry Heart of Ghur

July 30th, 2022

Games Workshop sent us a free preview copy of the newest Warcry box set, Heart of Ghur. This set kicks off the newest season of Warcry which includes brand new rules, mechanics, and warbands. Zach was quite keen to do this episode and shares his love for the fast paced, brutal skirmish game. As we are an Underworlds podcast, we view the box through the lens of an Underworlder who might be interested in taking the plunge into Warcry, but isn't so sure.

Hopefully this episode convinces you to brave the brutal and savage woods of Ghur. Just watch out for dudes trying to inject you with plague ridden swamp water. Yeah, best to stay clear. Oh, and watch out for the bull helmet dudes too. They'll light you on fire. You know what, maybe just avoid everyone. 

Path to Glory 84: Warhammer World & Zarbag’s Gitz ft. Niccolo Ciuppani

July 28th, 2022

In this episode, Aman is joined by special guest, Nick - the Italian Underworlds Stallion! We kick off things off by chatting about the Hexbane's Hunters previews before diving into Nick's undefeated Zarbag's Gitz deck that podiumed at the Warhammer World Mini-Clash. Nick recounts his games and his strategies, which provide deep insight into how he pilots the diminutive fighters. Inexorably, we end up chatting about the meta and discuss who we think is currently sitting on top. 

In addition, we have a slightly different 'Sleeve it or Leave it" section where we discuss whether or not Dark Inversion should be restricted. We end the episode with some rapid fire (shoutout to my boy Ironhail) questions! 

Path to Glory 83: Alberta Classic & Shadeborn ft. Derek

July 11th, 2022

Listen in as Aman interviews Derek, aka "Kaptain Murder", on his recent win at the Alberta Classic in June - the largest Underworlds event held annually in Canada. Aside from recapping the event, the Kaptain also discusses his winning Shadeborn deck and his thoughts on why he believes they're a top tier warband.

We managed to also sprinkle in a little FaR speculation and meta talk! Our guest may or may not be heard cracking open multiple cold ones.   

Path to Glory 82: Current Meta, UK Games Expo, Warhammer World, Prague Open, & Online Events ft. Graham Schwikkard

June 27th, 2022

Welcome to our 100th Episode! Though it is labeled as 82, this is the 100th podcast we have uploaded to the channel. Before we get into the summary, we just want to thank our patrons, family, friends, and listeners for their support! We would not be here without you and we can't thank you enough for it.

In this episode, Aman, Jason, and Zach are joined by Graham (Compak) to discuss the current meta. We cover Graham's recent wins (in-person and online), discuss the Warhammer World Mini-Clash, the Prague Open, online events, and the Discord league. We also discuss a list of cards curated by Aman and try to make our own FaR list! You can also expect our Sleeve it or Leave it segment. We made it to 100. Here's to 100 more. 

Path to Glory 81: Kill Team Moroch ft. ’Ace!’

May 30th, 2022

We're back on the 40K side of things as we cover the brand new Kill Team: Moroch expansion! Like our last episode we are joined Ace! (LVO 2022 Champion) who is now the highest ranked Kill Team player in the world (ITC)! Listen in as I pick his brain on the on the Phobos Strike Team and Blooded Kill Teams, as well as their stratagems, equipments, and fighters. We also briefly cover the competitive meta. 

Also, please excuse any mistakes I make during the episode, we started recording at 2am my time...😅

Thank you as always to GW for sending me this free preview copy.

Path to Glory 80: FaR List & Errata April 2022

May 3rd, 2022

Over the weekend, GW updated the organized play documents including the FaR list, designer's commentary, and official errata document. We discuss the new restrictions, mechanic updates, and beta rules added to the Nethermaze; and chat on how we believe they'll impact the meta. You can also expect our usual segments - community shout outs, online league updates, and "sleeve it leave it." 

It's also the first time we have all 3 members on the same episode! Hype. 

Path to Glory 79: The Shadeborn

April 23rd, 2022

In this episode we review the second of the new warbands in the Nethermaze box set, The Shadeborn - a troupe of deadly Khainite assassins who have been sent to eliminate seditionists from Morathi's empire. There's more than meets the eye with the aelves as they can manipulate cover hexes to their advantage. Join us as we discuss the fighters and break down their faction objectives, gambits, and upgrades.

For our patrons, be on the lookout for Aman's first deck he builds with the warband in our exclusive End Phase segment. 

Path to Glory 78: Skittershank’s Clawpack

April 23rd, 2022

In this episode we review the first of the new warbands in the Nethermaze box set, Skittershank's Clawpack - a pack of deadly Clan Eshin warriors led by a devious master assassin. There are a lot of neat tricks the warband has to offer so join us as we discuss the fighters and break down their faction objectives, gambits, and upgrades. As per usual, we also discuss Underworlds news, community events, and our 'Sleeve it or Leave' it segment. 

For our patrons, be on the lookout for Jason's first deck he builds with the warband in our exclusive End Phase segment. 

Path to Glory 77: Nethermaze

April 23rd, 2022

A new season of Warhammer Underworlds has arrived! Join us as discuss the new mechanics introduced in the Nethermaze season as well as break down the 84 universal cards in the set, including Grand Alliance cards. There's a lot to discuss and we're excited to share our thoughts and feelings on this very exciting box set. 

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