Path to Glory

The Warhammer Underworlds podcast that focuses on competitive gaming, player development, and community growth.

Path to Glory 84: Warhammer World & Zarbag’s Gitz ft. Niccolo Ciuppani

July 28th, 2022

In this episode, Aman is joined by special guest, Nick - the Italian Underworlds Stallion! We kick off things off by chatting about the Hexbane's Hunters previews before diving into Nick's undefeated Zarbag's Gitz deck that podiumed at the Warhammer World Mini-Clash. Nick recounts his games and his strategies, which provide deep insight into how he pilots the diminutive fighters. Inexorably, we end up chatting about the meta and discuss who we think is currently sitting on top. 

In addition, we have a slightly different 'Sleeve it or Leave it" section where we discuss whether or not Dark Inversion should be restricted. We end the episode with some rapid fire (shoutout to my boy Ironhail) questions! 

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