Path to Glory

The Warhammer Underworlds podcast that focuses on competitive gaming, player development, and community growth.

Path to Glory 85: Warcry Heart of Ghur

July 30th, 2022

Games Workshop sent us a free preview copy of the newest Warcry box set, Heart of Ghur. This set kicks off the newest season of Warcry which includes brand new rules, mechanics, and warbands. Zach was quite keen to do this episode and shares his love for the fast paced, brutal skirmish game. As we are an Underworlds podcast, we view the box through the lens of an Underworlder who might be interested in taking the plunge into Warcry, but isn't so sure.

Hopefully this episode convinces you to brave the brutal and savage woods of Ghur. Just watch out for dudes trying to inject you with plague ridden swamp water. Yeah, best to stay clear. Oh, and watch out for the bull helmet dudes too. They'll light you on fire. You know what, maybe just avoid everyone. 

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