Path to Glory

The Warhammer Underworlds podcast that focuses on competitive gaming, player development, and community growth.

Path to Glory 78: Skittershank’s Clawpack

April 23rd, 2022

In this episode we review the first of the new warbands in the Nethermaze box set, Skittershank's Clawpack - a pack of deadly Clan Eshin warriors led by a devious master assassin. There are a lot of neat tricks the warband has to offer so join us as we discuss the fighters and break down their faction objectives, gambits, and upgrades. As per usual, we also discuss Underworlds news, community events, and our 'Sleeve it or Leave' it segment. 

For our patrons, be on the lookout for Jason's first deck he builds with the warband in our exclusive End Phase segment. 

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